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Club Fitting

Purchasing golf clubs without having them correctly fitted to your individual swing is like buying a new pair of shoes without checking their size first!

Over the past few decades, the 'standard' set of golf clubs were designed for the average person, of average height with an average swing. However no two golf swings are the same, hence the saying 'not one size fits all!'.

In todays modern era, there is a massive variety of clubs to choose from, from muscle-back to cavity-back irons, drivers, fairways, hybrids, specialty wedges, custom putters, steel or graphite shafts.....the list goes on!

This is all the more reason to be professionally fitted by a clubfitter who has had several years of fitting experience.  At Melbourne Golf Academy, we are lucky to have both Adam Fraser and Adam Schultz, who have many years of fitting experience each.


Lie Angle 2         Lie Angle 1

Our comprehensive 90 minute clubfitting sessions cover a variety of testing, including:

  • Assessment of the golfer - age, gender, handicap, skill level, future goals, etc
  • Shaft length, flex and material type
  • Lie and loft angles
  • Grip type and thickness
  • Brand and model selection
  • Set make-up

To help validate this testing, our clubfitters use a Trackman launch monitor which measures everything from ball speed and launch angles, back and side spin rates, to carry and total distance for every shot. So not only will you be able to see your results, you will have the data to confirm what you have been fitted for is the best option for your individual swing.

We have access to all the major brands, and offer some of Melbourne's most competitive prices too!

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