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COACH: Rohan Dummett

Rohan Dummett

A member of the Australian PGA since 1984, Rohan played the Australasian PGA Tour from 1984-88.

Rohan is now coach to touring professionals, elite amateurs and everyday golfers. His most notable students include the 2012 Australian PGA Champion Daniel Popovic, US PGA Tour player Bradley Hughes, winner 1993/98 Australian Masters and the1996 Australian TPC Championship, and Anthony Painter who is a 5 time winner on various tours around the world including Australia, Asia and the USA. Rohan was head coach for Kishu International Golf Schools conducted in Japan for 5 years.

Rohan enjoys instructing golfers with a strong work ethic and commitment towards their game regardless of their ability level.

Since its inception in 1998, Rohan has been listed each year as one of Australia’s top 50 golf instructors by Australian Golf Magazine. He appeared as an Instructor on the television Golf Show, “The Cut” which went to air on Channel 7 and Fox Sports in 2004, and also hosts a short segment on Melbourne radio SEN each Wednesday morning called "Golf Tip of the Week".

In February 2005, Rohan released his golf instructional book "Playing your own golf game", and was honoured to receive the 2004 Victorian PGA Teacher of the Year award.

Rohan is available for private lessons on the following days:

  • Monday 10am ~ 2pm
  • Tuesday 8am ~ 2pm
  • Wednesday 8am ~ 1pm
  • Thursday 8am ~ 2pm
  • Friday 8am ~ 2pm
  • Saturday 8am ~ 1pm

Pricing for private lessons:

  • 30 minute adult ~ $85
  • 1 hour adult ~ $150
  • 30 minute junior (under 18) ~ $60
  • 1 hour junior (under 18) ~ $110

You can also follow Rohan on Facebook to keep up to date with any offers and all his latest news by searching on Facebook for 'Rohan Dummett Golf'.